Our commitment to training goes beyond the norms of the industry. As a company, our focus is to develop our employees to their fullest potential. The security, emergency response, and customer service training is only the start of our training program. ProGuard recognizes that each and every employee will be a better asset for themselves, the client, and the company when they are trained to reach their fullest potential.

"Career development starts with the individual"

Each and every employee at ProGuard receives a personalized develop and training plan (DTP). The DTP is designed to develop the employee in multiple areas, as well as addressing any deficiencies in their skill sets. The employees go through ProGuard’s industry-leading Master Training Plan. The training offered by ProGuard is offered in several different ways including:

  • Classroom Training
  • Role Play
  • Online Training Classes
  • On-Site Training

Each site and post has pre-set training requirements that all officers need to meet prior to working a post on their own. In order to ensure that the post-specific training requirements are met, ProGuard logs all training completed with the employees profile and the employee cannot be scheduled to work that post of they do not meet the post-specific training requirements.