A Word from the CEO


ProGuard is an example of good to great. ProGuard is a company that captures the essence of the times we live in, combined with the integrity to be found in your own family. Every team member at ProGuard understand what our mission is and why we provide the security services at our clients sites. Sounds simple enough, but has proven to be a challenge in the past. Understanding the true needs and the importance of the work we perform and the service we provide is what takes us from good to Great. Focusing our entire business model to WOW our customers and stakeholders in the company is truly an absolute must when setting new standards in a very old and traditional industry.

As a customer, you want to partner with innovative and creative people who possess the highest level of integrity and responsibility shown to their community, their co-workers and to their clients. An organization can only achieve the highest level of integrity if the leadership of the organization possess a high level of integrity.

It is our combined goal that we will WOW you and your clients in our daily operation and keep your asset protected and secure.